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Spotify Terms and Conditions

The Spotify Service can be accessed (i) as an ad-supported free-to-the-user service having no monthly cap on listening hours or a cap on number of plays of a unique track during the first 6 months following creation of your Spotify account but thereafter a cap of 10 listening hours per month and a cap of 5 plays per unique track (the “Free Service”)

Spotify! It’s really awesome, until it isn’t then it’s sort of okay unless you pay for the service.

According to My Calendar

Yesterday was opposite day. Or i guess I should say yesterday wasn’t opposite day. Because that would be the opposite. I tried to look it up on the internet and I found out that there is no official opposite day. So I guess yesterday really wasn’t opposite day.

Duncan Trussell is the shit.  So is everyone else in this.



Drunk History vol. 6 - Edison vs Tesla

My favorite one of these. “I’m inventing electricity…. and you look like an asshole.”

My Christ, it’s just so, so funny.

Watched it thrice this morning, and it got better every time.

UPDATE 2011–11–20_12–29–14

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See also: Edison vs. Westinghouse: A Shocking Rivalry | Past Imperfect

Check it out ya’ll.  It’s some stand-up.  I don’t know how much of this material is new and how much I’ve done in other videos but I had a lot of fun out at Coffee Underground in Greenville SC.  The quality isn’t that great, and my phone ran out of space during the middle of my set, but I had a lot of fun.

Press Butt & Release.

Press Butt & Release.